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The Importance of Check-ups For Women

Alright ladies. Let’s be honest. No matter how much we wish we didn’t have to be responsible for all of our roles in the circle of life, we still do. Not just for our future generations, but for ourselves right now.  We don’t judge if you’ve had several partners or none at all. The point is you owe it to yourself to have proactive routine exams for your health as well as preventive measures such as birth control and screenings to ensure you are healthy for any future decisions you make for you.

Did you know?

At our clinics you can receive annual examinations and most birth control methods out there today. For a full list of birth control options, see our list and brief descriptions to see which you may think is best for you. Then, make an appointment so we can discuss and help you move forward.

Is it Discreet? 

Our hours and locations vary, and you may come to any clinics we have for complete and confidential services. All we ask is that you can and set up an appointment. You can also talk to a nurse during weekly daytime hours.

 Do I need Insurance?  

We are also affordable, accept most insurance, and we also accept NO insurance and offer an income-based fee schedule so anyone over the age of 13 can receive the care they deserve regardless of ability to pay.  Learn more about our pricing.